Rhoda and Eric talk about systemic racism, BLM, and white privilege in this two part conversation. Please like, subscribe, and share!   If you want to...View Details

Women in Leadership

Rhoda shares her experiences with leading in ministry as well as in the workplace.  Eric tries not to mansplain.  Does he succeed? Send us an email at...View Details

Narcissism in the Pulpit

Narcissism is a real problem in both politics and the church.  Both places are suppose to serve people, but too often they look to BE served.   Here a...View Details

LGBTQ in the Church

Rhoda and Eric talk about LGBTQ and the evangelical church. Feel free to email us at excommunicatespodcast@gmail.com Find us on Instagram @excommunica...View Details

Rhoda and Eric introduce their new podcast.  They will be viewing life through an ex evangelical lens.

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